Fire up the Barbie

Ahhhh the weekend. Time to relax, kick back in the sun and enjoy a cold beverage and fire up the BBQ for some good eats

I’ve never been huge on steak (I can hear the gasps upon writing this). But when the sun is shining and the weather is warm, I love a good steak. This week I prepped a beautiful Rib steak cut two ways. 

The first was a simple Montréal Steak Spice dry rub, then in a garlic and oil marinade. The second was my Asian blend of hoisin, soy sauce and concoction of spices with a bit of oil. Paired with a bevy of veggies (asperagus, peppers and mushrooms and caramelized onions cooked a la Papillion).

This was one of the first meals that really screamed ‘Summertime’ so far this year. With a side of a semi loaded baked potato it had us taking it easy on the back patio all evening long.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend. Cheers!


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