Summer of Salads

As you can maybe tell by now, Summer food has been the theme this week.

With all the delicious foods that go hand and hand with summer, sometimes it’s easy to forget the healthier side of summer.

With some days being too warm for using the stove it’s good to have some meal ideas ready for when the thermometer is hitting the highs. 

My family always had salads (usually macaroni and potato) with cold cuts. I always enjoyed those meals as it featured some of my favorite foods. Since I’ve left the nest, I still like to make those meals just now with some more healthier options

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Enter the bean salad and rice and pasta salad. Delicious and easy to make. Kidney beans, chick peas, 6 bean blends, tons of veggies and a simple balsamic dressing makes a delicious salad. For the rice and pasta, use your favorite grain of rice, your favorite pasta, add some nice fresh and crispy veggies and for this one I used the same balsamic dressing with a lil bit of mayo to give it some texture. 


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