Meals of the Week: vol 2

Well the past week has been a whirlwind of craziness. Last week here in Eastern Canada (mainly Quebec and Ontario) we have been in the midst of some serious flooding. Thankfully it has not reached where I am located as we are fairly far from the shores, however many friends and family have not been that lucky and are facing some serious issues with flood waters continually rising since last week. 

I am thankful that our communities came together and donated their time and food to those in need in the past week, it has shown those across out great nation that there still is a lot of good still left in the world.
With that rant out of the way, it’s been a hectic week between the rising water, one of our pets needing a last minute visit to the vet and normal day to day grinding. We here at Rutti Tutti Foodie have been a little side tracked and I apologize for the absence of posts.

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So I have collected some of the meals, baked goods and other food prep from the last week and a bit for volume 2 of Meals of the week.

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This week’s meals saw a couple of my favorites: my mother’s Wacky Chocolate cake & Roasted veggies and rice with some leftover chicken from our Cinco de Mayo Burrito night. Also BBQ sausages with a homemade salsa and a homemade Carrot cake with pineapple I made last night. 

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