Easy Veggie Primavera 

Last night, I had a craving for pasta. But I’ve had so much pasta over the cold winter days that I wanted to eat something a bit different. Also having no meat on hand, but tons of fresh produce – I thought it might be nice to have a fresh take on Primavera. 

I chopped up some Asperagus, green onion, red pepper and zucchini. Got the ingredients for a quick white sauce (flour, butter, milk and some water) and add some spices and got cooking. 

The result was a delicious, quick and healthy meal that was better than I imagined. 

I remember watching a cooking show when I was younger when I would be home sick with my mother, the host of the show would always say that a good cook can always make a meal with what they have on hand in the house. That is something I’ve always remembered, which in this day and age seems more and more important. To not waste food, this meal was in homage to that get cook. 


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